How to apply

Applications for 2017 are now open!

The following paragraphs will talk you through the steps of the online application process.

How to Apply

STEP 1: Select the courses that you would like to study at St Brendan’s. Use the Course Search facility or A-Z Course List within the ‘Find a Course’ heading to discover the courses available (Figure A). 

Figure A - Find a course

Figure A - Find a course

When you find a course you would like to apply for, click the pink ‘Add to my Courses’ button (Figure B). Add all the courses you would like to study.

If your GCSE grades are predicted to be mainly A’s and B’s (points 6-9) select 4 A-levels or equivalent or 3 A-levels or equivalent if you are intending to do the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in your second year.

If your GCSE grades are predicted to be mainly C’s and B’s (points 4-6) select 3 A-levels or equivalent.

Figure B - Adding courses

Figure B - Adding courses

STEP 2: Once you have selected all the courses that you are interested in, click on the ‘My Courses’ link at the top of the page and check the courses which you have chosen (Figure C). Next, click the pink ‘Apply Online Now’ button. 

Figure C - My Courses

Figure C - My Courses

STEP 3: Once you click on the ‘Apply Online Now’ button, you will be taken to the application portal, where you will be required to register by entering your email address and creating a password (Figure D). 

If you have previously registered and saved your application to finish at a later date, you can log back in on this screen by clicking the ‘Log In’ button on the right. 

Figure D - Creating an account

Figure D - Creating an account

STEP 4: Once you have registered, you will receive an email asking you to validate your account. Simply click on the link in the email. This will take you back in to you application, which you can now complete! Once you are back in to your application, make sure your selected courses are still on the right hand side of the screen (Figure E). 

Figure E - Back to application

Figure E - Back to application

STEP 5: Make your way through the application, ensuring all details are correct. When you arrive at the predicted/actual grades page, please enter your expected grades for all of the GCSEs (or equivalent) you are currently studying (Figure F).

Please also include any subjects you have completed. E.g. if you completed your Science GCSE last year, please enter this in the ‘subject’ column and then enter your ‘Actual Grade’. For the majority of subjects, the ‘Actual Grade’ boxes will be left clear. Make sure you only enter either a predicted grade or an actual grade for each subject - do not enter both.

If you have a career plan in mind, please let us know – just a simple sentence if fine! This box can be left empty if you are unsure what you would like to do in the future. 

Figure F - Your grades

Figure F - Your grades

STEP 6: Make your way through the rest of the application and once you are happy all of the information entered is correct, hit submit! You will receive a confirmation email letting you know we got your application. Please ensure you check your emails regularly, as we will contact you via email to offer you a place or arrange an interview. Please also make sure you check your ‘Junk Mail’, as emails can occasionally end up in junk! 

Alternative Ways to Apply

The easiest way to apply is via the Online Application process detailed above.  However, if you prefer you can download an Application Form here and post it to us.

The earlier you apply, the sooner you will be called for interview &/or made an offer of a place; and the greater the choice of courses you will be offered.

Below is a printable version of the application form that you can print out and post into us.

Printable Application Form

International Students

International students (with non-European passports) should complete an International Application Form.

EEA passport holders

EEA passport holders without GCSE equivalent qualifications* must study towards achieving Maths and English GCSE as part of their programme to be eligible for funding (and therefore not pay tuition fees). This restricts the number of A levels a student can take until they pass the GCSE exams. Students electing not to study towards Maths and English GCSE must pay full international tuition fees.  

*Level of education equivalent to GCSE is not sufficient, nationally recognised exit qualifications are required


Enrolment takes place from 25th August 2017 once your
examination results are known. You must be available to enrol at the College from this date in order to secure your place. If your results turn out to be different from what you expected, don’t worry, if you have been offered a place at the College there will be a chance to discuss other options with the staff during Enrolment.

Admissions Policy

Programmes of Education

Where the College is able to provide a programme of education appropriate to a young person’s needs, prospective students are admitted to the College and allocated to courses on the basis of the following priorities:All members of the Catholic community, (including pupils of the Catholic Collegiate schools)

Category 1

  • All members of the Catholic community, (including pupils of the Catholic Collegiate schools)
  • Siblings of present and former students of the College (who attended College within the last 10 years)
  • Those students who have been identified as having ‘Special Educational Needs’  on their Education Health and Social Care Plan, where the College is named as the preferred setting, and
  • Any young people who are in, or have recently left, the care of the Local Authority

Category 2  

  • Those from supportive religious backgrounds and others happy to be educated in an environment which values and promotes Christian ideals. 

Admissions Policy 2016 17

Data Protection Act

We are very careful with the data that you give to us during the application process, but we are required to share some of the general information with the Local Authority and the education Funding Agency so they can track where young people are attending. We will ask your permission before contacting your school or passing
on your information to other parties. 


At St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, we recognise the link between good attendance and high achievement. Full attendance and punctuality at every time tabled lesson is expected, and if attendance falls below the College minimum of 90% without an acceptable reason, strategies and support will be put in place to encourage
students to return to full attendance. We promote positive attendance through a termly reward system and communication with parent/carers.

Entry Requirements

For a Level 2 programme, students are expected to have a good general education, such as GCSEs mainly Ds or BTEC Introductory Diploma at Merit or above.

For a Level 3 programme, students are expected to have a minimum of 5 GCSEs. A* - C or a BTEC First Diploma (merit), from a minimum of 4 subjects, including GCSE English.

You should also check entry requirements for individual courses.