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Become one in 49 million - stand out from the crowd and study a language!

Did you know, less than 25% of all UK residents can speak anything more than their mother tongue? That means over three quarters of the British population are limited to speaking only one language! In an increasingly globalised environment, where the fast development of technology is making the world seem smaller and communities merge, it is becoming even more appealing for young adults to be competent in additional languages.

Foreign language stat

Foreign language stat

At St Brendan’s, we recognise the importance of languages and encourage all enrollers to consider studying a language at College. We want our students to stand out from the crowds, to have better career opportunities and to have the ability to excel after leaving us. Leaning a language is one very powerful tool which directly increases job opportunities and opens new and exciting doors!

70% of businesses value foreign language skills among their employees

British Chamber of Commerce

The British Council says the lack of language skills is costing the UK “tens of billions in missed trade” and 75% of UK citizens feel they haven’t been made aware of the potential career benefits that learning another language could bring. We want to ensure all students have been made aware of the power of a second language!

Business abroad

Business abroad

St Brendan’s offers A-levels in French, German and Spanish, as well as a new German Diploma (Das Deutsche Sprachdiplom) which is being launched in September 2017. All three languages have the power to improve job opportunities and make graduates more appealing to businesses. Whether you want to make a difference in healthcare, be a part of the next ground-breaking scientific breakthrough, own your own business or become a top barrister, languages can help you get there.

According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions.

Telegraph, 2013

Not only does a second language allow you to explore the world further and enable you to expand your job search across seas, studying a second language has many additional benefits the majority of students will never consider. “According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions.” (Telegraph, 2013) You also become more perceptive, develop your memory and build multi-tasking abilities! All of these skills are highly sought-after by employers and can be discussed within applications and interviews, no matter which career path you follow!

Language as a barrier

Language as a barrier

We encourage all students joining us in September to consider the power of a second language. At St Brendan’s, all language options can be combined with any other subjects to ensure students are following an academic path which is tailored to them. Click on your preferred language below to find out more and discover where languages can take you!