Money Matters

Generally there are no tuition fees for sixth form students studying at St Brendan’s. However fees are applicable for certain categories of students as shown below and a small deposit is required from all students.

St Brendan's Student

St Brendan's Student


Prior to enrolment you will be asked to pay a deposit of £60.  This is refundable if you do not eventually take up your place, or when the full leaving procedures have been completed including the return of all books, and payment of any fines or charges. It is not refundable under any other circumstance.


Entry fees for first attempt examinations for 16 - 18 year
old students are paid by the College, subject to satisfactory attendance (this is set at 90%) and performance. Re-sits or remarks will require you to pay the appropriate amount(s). Those aged 19 years and above and overseas students who are not living in UK with their parents/carers will be required to pay the examination fees which are applicable to the courses at the time.

Additional Costs

Some courses require specialist equipment, materials or tools which need to be purchased. Please look at specific course pages for further details. There will be charges made for educational visits and field trips which will cover the costs incurred.

Bursary Fund / Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to help with the costs associated with studying at St Brendan’s and allocations are made based on criteria relating to family income.

The Bursary Fund is aimed at helping two key student groups:

Young people in Vulnerable Groups e.g. students in Local
Authority Care, Care Leavers, students who are living
independently and claiming Income Support/Universal Credit in their own name or disabled students who receive both ESA and DLA/PIP

Young people who received Free School Meals during the
previous academic year or may be facing financial hardship, or constraints which could prevent completion of their education. Dependent on household income or benefits received, you may be considered for help with:

• Transport costs
• Free meals
• Start-up kits for Creative Arts subjects
• Compulsory educational visits
• Instrument/singing tuition (Music/Music Technology/Musical Theatre students only)
• Examination re-sits
• Any other funding will only be looked at in exceptional circumstances.

Application forms will be available during the Summer break and at Enrolment. For further information please contact Julie Shephard, Bursary Manager on the main College number 0117 977 7766.


Student pays 2016/17


Age 16-18 and resident in UK with parents/carers 


Age 19 and over (EU Nationals or resident in UK for 3 years +)

Individually reviewed

Non-EU international students

£7500 plus exam fees per year

More Information about Student Fees for 2016/2017

UK & EEA Students

EEA passport holders requiring the support of the International Officer will be required to pay a one-off £3,500 fee for the necessary support package. 

Non UK & Non EEA Students

Students who are not citizens of the UK or EEA will pay annual tuition fees of £7,300 plus examination costs.  All fees are to be remitted in sterling and transaction charges are to be borne by the remitter.  A non-refundable deposit of £2000 is payable on acceptance of a place at the College (this is refundable where a visa is unobtainable).