St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Access To Level 3 Progression Review Day

Wednesday 28th November 2018 at 10:00

10am - 5.30pm

An opportunity for you to review your child's progress to date at St Brendan's:

  • Parent/Carers to meet with each of their child’s teachers and their mentor - you will meet each of your child’s teachers and their academic mentor to discuss progress to date (5-10min appointments each)
  • ‘Progression in St Brendan’s’ talk 15-20 minutes talk covering aspects such as: the year ahead, summer term work experience and application/ transition to 3Y1 so you understand your child’s programme for the rest of the year
  • BKSB briefing you will meet a member of the BKSB team to gain an understanding of the programme and its relevance to your child’s study programme. Your child will also show you their progress to date.

There will also be a number of additional information workshops running which parent/carers will be able to sign up to.

Full details will be emailed to all parent/carers ahead of the event.