Fees and Finance

St Brendan's College is a specialist, government-funded College for 16-19 year olds, which welcomes applications from international students.  We provide a safe and secure payment method for international students to pay for fees and accommodation from an overseas account through Flywire.

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International Tuition Fees

Full-time A-level course 2019/20 : £9,000 per year

Tuition fees cover a full-time programme of study, including academic subjects, pastoral support sessions, workshops, enrichment activities and International Office support services.

Students study a maximum of 4 A levels (3 are required for university entry in the U.K.) plus any other academic subjects that your timetable can accommodate.

Visa support service: We also provide a full visa support service from a professional immigration service when required. The service submits the visa application on your behalf and guides you through the process step-by-step.

Payments from overseas:

Our preferred method of payment is through Flywire

Flywire offers  

  • Payment from any bank anywhere in over 70 different currencies
  • Payment by e-wallet, bank transfer or card – including  ChinaUnionPay, Visa/Mastercard & alipay.com
  • No transfer fees & excellent exchange rates
  •  24/7 multilingual support

Direct bank transfer: If you unable to pay via Flywire, request bank transfer details from finance@stbrn.ac.uk

Fees and payment policy

Payments from UK bank accounts:

Current students or sponsors with UK bank accounts can transfer money directly in the College account. For bank account details contact finance@stbrn.ac.uk  


We offer scholarships to international fee paying students based on academic achievement. Scholarships will be awarded to students based upon previous academic study, their level of English and the quality of their personal statement.

A standard scholarship provides a 10% discount in  tuition fees for each year of study, providing that they progress with good grades and attendance. An exceptional candidate may be considered for a 50% scholarship. All international applicants for an A-level programme are automatically considered for a scholarship. How to apply

Advanced Graduate Programme

High achieving students enrolling with an overall IELTs score of 6.0 or above will also be offered a place on our Advanced Graduate Programme.

EEA passport holders

European passport holders, resident in the EEA for three years prior to studying here, but who require the services and support of the International Office including accommodation placement will incur a placement and support fee for each year of study. The fee is £4,000 for the academic year 2019/20

This amount is payable each subsequent year of study  to cover any or all placement and support services provided through the International Office. If you have any queries, speak to your in-country representative, or contact international@stbrn.ac.uk directly.

The funding agency requires students without GCSE equivalent exit qualifications* to study towards Maths and English GCSE as part of their study programme. This restricts the number of A levels a student can take until they have passed the GCSE exams or can mean a heavy study timetable. Students electing not to study towards Maths and English GCSE will pay international tuition fees (not the placement and support fee).

*Level of education equivalent to GCSE is not sufficient, nationally recognised exit qualifications are required.

Pay with Flywire

Living Costs

Your accommodation: We arrange host family accomodation for students coming from abroad to study at St Brendan's as standard. We recommend half-board (breakfast and dinner included) at a cost of £155 per week (2017-18 academic year) as standard. Over 18 year olds can select from the range of private halls and accommodation around Bristol. We recommend you budget around £7000 for accommodation. This does not account for flights, transfers or other personal living costs.

Other costs: Students should refer to the Tier 4 Points Based System Policy Guidance for the amount of money needed to be shown for living costs. This can be found on page 45 of the the UK Visa and Immigration PBS Tier 4 Policy Guidance document

UKCISA, the Council for International Student Affairs also offers invaluable advice on cost of living and other student support issues. Refer to the 'Your Money' section of the Evidence section for Tier 4.