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Course specifics

Entry Requirements

  • can be taken by first or second year students studying at Level 3, alongside their 3 A-levels (or equivalent)



Exam board: ASDAN

100%Pass rate

If you want to direct your study towards improving your employment prospects as well as your university application, this is a course for you.

The course is designed to enhance academic and work prospects, allowing you to explore employment sectors while carrying out an independent research project on a topic of your choice. This will have a bearing on the employment sector you would like to enter in the future. You will keep records of your project development, present a project to an audience, and produce a dissertation, an artefact or a performance.

The ASDAN Employability course is a way of gaining an EPQ by focusing on issues that are important in the world of work. You’ll be supported in gaining work experience and develop a project from this. Employers can propose investigations which will benefit both student and employer. You can also develop a project through work experience already carried out or from part-time work.

Why you should take the ASDAN EPQ:

  • An EPQ is equivalent to half an A level and for an A* will gain you 28 UCAS tariff points. It is valued by universities and develops skills that are useful for academic study and for employment. A good EPQ grade can lead to a lower university offer. 
  • Enjoy investigating a subject of your choice and developing your expertise. This is useful in applications to university or for work. You have something to talk about that is unique to you.
  • Gain academic and employability skills in research, academic writing and independent learning. The transition to university or employment with be easier as you will have already worked at that level.


The ASDAN EPQ has a 90 minute lesson once a week in from September to April. You will be finished by May and free to focus on your other courses.

Guidance is provided on how to design and implement a project with these 6 units: 

  1. Understanding an Employability EPQ
  2. Project Planning and Management
  3. Research: Investigation and Resources
  4. Developing and Realising your Project: Writing, Performing and Creating
  5. Reviewing and Presenting
  6. Compile, Complete and Submit

You should also expect to work on your project independently throughout the course.


Your records of how you develop the project, your presentation and your product are assessed. 

How well you plan and manage the project, the research carried out and your evaluation of your experience are taken into consideration, together with your product, which may be a dissertation, an artefact or a performance.