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This course is for students who have a keen interest in businesses, how they are set up, grow and become successful. It is a challenging course which is ideal for students who enjoyed exam - based study rather than completing coursework assignments.

Course content

Year 1

Theme 1:

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • meeting customer needs
  • the market
  • marketing mix and strategy
  • managing people
  • entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2:

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • raising finance
  • financial planning
  • managing finance
  • resource management
  • external influences


Year 2

Theme 3:

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2. Students will develop an understanding of:

  • business objectives and strategy
  • business growth
  • decision-making techniques
  • influences on business decisions
  • assessing competitiveness
  • managing change

Theme 4:

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1. Students will develop an understanding of:

  • globalisation
  • global markets and business expansion
  • global marketing
  • global industries and companies (multinational corporations)

Method of Assessment

The course is wholly exam-based after two years and there is no examined coursework.


Teachers use a variety of resources including handouts, online text books, newspaper articles, YouTube clips and websites.


The course provides a sound basis for students wishing to go into Higher Education or into a career in the business environment.  Past students have gone on to degree studies in business management, banking, insurance, accountancy, marketing and human resource management.

Additional Costs

During the course, students may be charged for printing. All residential and day trips will require students to pay should they wish to participate.

Bursary funding is available.


This course leads to an A-level qualification.

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