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Course specifics

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of four grade 3s at GCSE including a minimum of grade 3 in English Language and a grade 2 in Maths
  • Students with a grade 2 or below at entry will be placed on an appropriate course of study in consultation with personal and support tutors



Exam board: AQA

70%of students getting 4 or above

This is a one-year course which aims to help rebuild confidence in English and develop your skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Course Content

With the help of your course tutor, you will make an Individual Learning Plan, identifying the areas you need to improve in order to get the grade you need. Each half term you will review the progress you have made and set yourself new targets. You will need to be realistic when assessing your strengths and weaknesses and be committed to making a real effort to improve within the short duration of the course.                                   

You will be studying the AQA English Language GCSE course in one year.

Paper 1

Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing

Section A Reading: One literature fiction text

Section B Writing: Descriptive or narrative writing.

 Paper 2

Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

Section A Reading: One non-fiction and one literary non-fiction text

Section B Writing: Writing to present a viewpoint

Speaking and listening course work

You might need to undertake a speaking and listening assessment if you did not complete this at your previous place of study.

Methods of Teaching and Learning

This course focuses very much on individual improvement in those areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening which are causing you problems.

Teaching will include a variety of methods and you will be expected to;

  • Write: analytical answers, stories, essays, leaflets, letters, essays and speeches
  • Read: a range of fiction and non-fiction extracts from novels, short stories and newspapers
  • Discuss: a range of texts and ideas in class in pairs, smalls groups or as part of a whole class.

Assignments will be introduced through presentations and discussions, audio-visual resources and media texts.

Oral Assessment

You will do a variety of oral assessments throughout the course. These may be formal or informal and can take place without notice. Your tutor may award marks for discussion or group work done in the course of an ordinary lesson, therefore you need to try to incorporate speaking and listening skills in your work throughout the course. You will be awarded an oral grade which will be reported separately from your final GCSE grade.

Methods of Assessment

You may be eligible to enter the November GCSE English Language re-sit. Your teacher will talk through your options when you begin the course.

You will be assessed at the start of the course and this assessment will help you and your teacher to decide whether the November or June entry is best for you.

Other Qualifications

Not all students will be suitable for GCSE exam entry in the year of enrolment. Some students, particularly those with an E or below at entry may be offered an alternative patchway.


There are a variety of resources to support your learning including topic booklets, exemplar answers, revision video clips and a wide range of extracts for you to practise your skills.


GCSE English is an important qualification for progression into a wide range of careers and Further and Higher Education courses.

The achievement of a Grade C or above is evidence of your ability to read fluently, communicate orally and in writing with confidence and effectiveness.

Additional Costs

There are no specific charges, but you are expected to provide yourself with pens, paper, a ring-binder and other items of stationery. You will also need a suitable bag in which to carry notes and work on A4 paper without folding them.

This course would form part of your Access to Level 3 Programme – click here to find out more.