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Course specifics

Entry Requirements

  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above (including English Language). Level 2 vocational qualifications (e.g. BTEC/OCR) must be a merit grade or above and only one will count as one GCSE equivalent.
  • GCSE English Literature at grade 5
  • GCSE English Language at grade 5



Exam board: WJEC / EDUQAS

95%pass rate

This is a two year linear course (WJEC / EDUQAS) designed to appeal to students who enjoy the study of literature but are also seeking to develop their skills of linguistic analysis.

Jayme Sims

Jayme Sims

Component 1: Poetry and Prose

  • You will demonstrate your ability to explore poems from a Pre-1914 Anthology and to analyse how meanings are shaped through the language used.
  • You will develop your understanding of social, literary and historical contexts.
  • You will closely analyse extracts from a range of prose texts and show your understanding of genre, plot, setting, characterisation, themes and style.
  • You will make connections between the poems and texts from other genres and you will develop the skills required for this part of the component over the two years.
  • In the first year you will also read and explore the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker, developing your ability to critically engage with a literary text through the application of literary and linguistic frameworks.

Component 2: Drama

  • In the first year of the course you will study Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare and in the second year of the course you will study The History Boys by Alan Bennett.
  • You will explore the historical and social context of the texts and you will demonstrate your ability to assess the impact of context on the language choices made by writers.
  • You will explore the plot, themes and character and discuss how the language used by the writers shapes the meaning of the plays.
  • You will develop your understanding and knowledge of dramatic techniques in order to support your close reading of the plays.

 Component 3: Non-Literary Texts

  • Over the two years you will study a range of spoken language texts and develop the skills to explore connections across a variety of spoken language texts.
  • You will demonstrate your ability to recognise the values and attitudes of various speakers using a range of appropriate linguistic and literary methods.
  • In the second year you will study the autobiographical work A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, exploring the complex relationship between language, form and context presented by the writer.

Component 4: Critical and Creative Genre Study

  • The coursework unit is centred on the analysis of at least two texts with a specific focus on the dystopian genre. The core text for this critical analysis is The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
  • You will also produce two creative pieces, one literary and one non-literary, based on the genre studied for the analytical piece, for example, the opening of dystopian novel and an editorial on the ethics of changing technologies.
  • The coursework is completed between Year One and Year Two of the course and allows you to develop your independent learning skills.

Methods of Teaching and Learning

The course encourages an active, varied and experimental approach to textual study including group discussions, presentations and independent study. It develops skills of reading, writing and analysing texts. This is a course for those of you who love to read and write, and would like to develop more sophisticated responses to a wide range of texts and genres.


Theatre visits, visiting speakers and workshops are held throughout the course.

Method of Assessment

There are three exams based on the study of set poetry, prose, drama and non-literary texts. The exams are worth 80% of the qualification and each exam is two hours long. The coursework examines your ability to analyse and create texts based on a specific genre and is worth 20% of the qualification.


You will have access to a range of resources to support your learning. You will work from booklets, worksheets and textbooks, as well as the set texts. DVDs, computers and other IT facilities also support the teaching and learning for this course.


English Language and Literature combines well with a wide range of other subjects. Through it you are offering evidence of high quality communication skills and an ability to be creative and analytical. These skills are widely transferable and make you marketable for higher education and employment.


You are expected to provide your own copies of the set texts. This should not be a barrier to your decision to choose this course as there is support available for those meeting certain requirements.

There are no specific course charges, but you could expect to spend up to £50 per year on books, stationery, equipment and educational visits.