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Course specifics

Entry Requirements

  • This course is offered to second year A-level students only who have shown particular aptitude in a subject area.



Exam board: AQA

100%pass rate

Find your interest, something you're truly passionate about, and develope the drive and skills that will make a difference for your future.

The EPQ is an independent research project where you choose the topic. You will develop your research skills and extend your abilities beyond your sixth form course of study, stand out and prepare for university or your future career.

What will I study?

For the EPQ you will produce either a 5000-word essay or an artefact supported by a 1500 word report, on a topic that must be an extension of your A-level study. 

You will be taught research skills and provided with supervision to guide you through the research process.

Students taking the EPQ are taught 1 lesson a week and study independently for other lessons.

How do I apply?

You will be able to apply for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) during your first year of college.

Applications will open in the new year. 

Why should I take the Extended Project Qualification?

This qualification allows you to develop your learning in one or more of your A-level subjects.

It emphasizes your ability to carry out independent research and your ability to plan and realise a project.  You will also be demonstrating these skills to universities and potential employers who find selection of candidates difficult.

The EPQ is highly regarded by Russell Group Universities and providers of Higher Level Apprenticeships.

You will also achieve a Level 3 qualification at A2 standard which attracts up to 28 additional UCAS points for an A* grade.

Course Content

The main content of the course is as follows

  • Carry out initial research to propose a project with clear aims & objectives which is an extension of your existing studies
  • Research and realize the project, providing evidence of evaluation at each stage
  • Present your findings and experience of the research process

Entry requirements

This course is offered to second year A-level students only, who have shown particular aptitude in a subject area.

Examples of Extended Projects

 ‘A documentary exploring the issues behind the decline of theatre audience while cinema remains popular’

 ‘Did Gustave Flaubert’s novel, Madame Bovary, revolutionise French Literature, culture and attitudes?’

 ‘Public Art in Bristol from high art to low culture; who chooses it?  What is the impact of it on its surroundings and what do people think?’

Interested in finding out more?

Check out the student guide below or email John at JCe@stbrn.ac.uk

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