Equality and Diversity

The College’s Objectives for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College is committed to advancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and taking positive action to address any inequality, discrimination, bullying or harassment.

We welcome the increasing diversity of our staff and student population and aim to do all we can to ensure that everyone feels that they belong and are a valued part of our community.

Student at St Brendan's

Student at St Brendan's

The College's Mission Statement:

St Brendan's seeks to serve the Catholic and wider community by providing post-16 education in a sixth form environment, underpinned by Christian values and ideals.

The College strives for excellence in teaching and learning

  • by acting in the spirit of the Gospel
  • by providing experience of a Christian community and
  • by supporting each individual as a unique creation of God

We understand that the long term future of the College is best served by understanding the interests of everyone with whom we interact, and we aim to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Hence, we are actively looking to improve our environment by providing a healthy, safe, modern workspace and a supportive and respectful culture. We want to see people mixing together and celebrating diversity both as part of the College and wider community.

We hope you find the information we supply interesting and informative and we welcome constructive feedback which will allow us to improve our communications. Our published information for 2013/14 on EDI is now available (we call this our Equality Scheme) and it also includes our EDI Action Plan for 2014.

Equality Objectives 2015/16

  1. To enhance the understanding of spirituality and Catholic ethos within the college and to all members of staff.
  2. To review the requirements of EDI in the new CIF in regarding to teaching, learning and assessment including destination data and gaps in learner outcomes across the protected characteristics.
  3. To work closely with MIS to achieve timely and accessible EDI data for all areas of the college including a close focus on future recruitment of students.
  4. To work with Head of HR to review recruitment, staff experience and published data in line with the requirements of EDI.
Student at St Brendan's

Student at St Brendan's

Key Documents

Equality Duty

Student Charter

Impact Assessment Template

Student's at St Brendan's

Student's at St Brendan's

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