Minka Goslin (Retail and Musician)

Attended St Brendan's 2011 - 2013

Subjects Studied: English Language and Literature, Music Performing BTEC, Music Technology BTEC

Previous School: Home Educated

Minka Goslin

Minka Goslin

Since leaving St Brendan's I have been pursuing music, as always, alongside creative writing and crafts. I currently balance my creative activities with a retail job, and have moved into my own flat with my partner, another former student named Aaron Miles. I have gained a great deal of experience relating to music, performing arts and the technical aspects of recording music since leaving college.

My biggest achievement so far is between moving in with my partner at only 20 and 19 years of age and supporting ourselves independently with success, and achieving A level grades of Distinction*s and a B despite undergoing major surgery and illness during my exams, and despite having been home educated my whole life and suffering from mental health issues.

A piece of advice I would offer current students is don't let social drama affect your overall experience of college, and don't be afraid to believe in your own abilities and stand out -- even if you think you may be ridiculed by peers.

While at College I was not always appreciating the support my teachers offered me and how homely and safe the environment was.

I'm striving for a career in music in one form or another, be it performance, writing, recording or teaching.  In ten years' time I hope to have at least one published novel, some success with my hand-crafted jewellery shop on Etsy, and owning my own home with Aaron.