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An  apprenticeship is a great way to gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to get into many careers.

There are many different apprenticeships available across a wide range of industries, and for a wide variety of job roles. As a paid employee, each apprentice works alongside their studies. There are no student fees, training costs are funded by the government and your employer.

An apprenticeship is ideal option if you have a clear idea of the career path you want to follow, providing you with practical, on-the-job training, and classroom-based instruction


Information, advice and guidance about apprentieships is offered through our careers events and activities where students will have the opportunity to hear from apprentieship providers and employers about the application process and the skills they are looking for.

Examples of recent apprentiship events included talks from Lyons Davidson, Airbus, Network Rail, The UK Border Force and Dyson.

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