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Human Rights

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Student leaders in our Social Justice and Action Groups (SJAG) learn about and actively respond to local and global social justice issues. They get involved in programmes of development and training and lead college action campaigning, raising awareness and fundraising.

The SJAG Human Rights Group work to raise awareness of human rights; what they are, where there are violations, and the work done to challenge these injustices locally and globally.

They lead in learning about rights and issues, and promote action and campaigning to support the victimised and marginalised; to give them a voice and to let them know they are not alone. The group identifies a number of different projects and campaigns to promote ‘Peace on Day’, issues surrounding HIV and AIDS, Genocide (AEGIS Trust) and Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD Trust), International Women’s Day and Refugee Week. The group organise a number of visiting speakers and debates on different topics and actively develop our ‘College of Sanctuary’ commitment.