FA Football Activators

The College has been provided with a grant from The FA to 'employ' two FE Football Activators.

These activators will be students who will be employed in a voluntary capacity to work with the Sports Union to drive up participation in football based projects both internally and also to our local community.

The award of the grant is a real achievement for the College, with limited grants being awarded across the country; thus meaning those who are successful in their applications will be part of just a small group of activators across the country.

The two students will have a real experience of sports development and event organisation, managed by the Director of Faculty for the area and being subject to work appraisals. Furthermore, the students will need to build and use a vast array of employability skills inclusive of networking, communication, developing innovative work practices and flexibility in working practice.

In return, the students will receive extensive training via The FA, in addition to mentoring and guidance from the Sports Union team. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

The appointment of the two positions will support the Sports Union in moving the community aspects of our work even further.

Whilst the initial funding is to be used over this first year, part of the activators role will be to develop a sustainable model so that the role can stay in place year on year. This will ensure that this real life working opportunity can be offered year after year.

I would like to be an FA FE Football Activator, what do I need to do?

Applications for the position of FA FE Football Activator take place once you are enrolled at the college, so for now simply continue to explore your passion for football and working in the industry to make your application as strong as possible.

FE Activator Guidance Booklet