The CREST Gold Awards allows able students to conduct real research. 

Projects require around 70 hours’ work, and can be linked to Nuffield research placements and/or an EPQ project. By working towards a CREST Gold Award, students will develop and deliver largely self-directed projects.  

Students may be supported by an industry or higher education mentor, who can offer guidance and advice, and are required to prepare a final report and present the outcomes of their project to their CREST assessor.

This is an excellent opportunity to research an area which you can discuss in interviews and UCAS applications. It is a highly regarded award.

Kate Taylor (3Y2 student) has recently been awarded a CREST Gold certificate for her excellent work with Cloud Chambers to detect charged particles from cosmic rays and radioactive sources. 

She built a cloud chamber using a fish tank and tested it with dry ice, alcohol and radioactive sources. Kate undertook her project over several months as part of the British Science Association award scheme, and developed this largely without much support. 

She received an excellent review from the CREST Co-ordinator and obtained a well-earned and prestigious award. Well done Kate!

Katie receives Gold CREST award

Katie receives Gold CREST award