22.09.20 Protocol for live lessons

Protocol for live lessons/small group/1-1 subject support sessions


All students will receive a combination of live and remote sessions delivered by their teacher during their remote learning week. Some students may also be invited to attend small group/1-1 support sessions to offer subject-specific support. These sessions will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and it is important that when you take part in these sessions you follow the ‘Remote learning – code of conduct’ to protect yourself and your Teachers.

Parents and Carers will:

  • Read the guidance and expectations outlined and ensure these are adhered to by the student when taking part in the timetabled sessions with their teachers.

  • Wear suitable clothing as it is more than likely Parents/Carers could appear in the background of the student's live session.

  • Ensure their young person is located in a suitable area of the house, away from their bedroom preferably.

  • Use appropriate language only, even if communicating with another member of the household. This includes gestures and other body language.

  • Not share any content they may have recorded or have been sent by another parent/carer. Any such actions should be reported to the college as soon as possible.