06.10.20 Positive Behaviour Management Policy: Covid-19 Addendum

This addendum explains the additional scope and measures of the Positive Behaviour Management Policy during COVID-19.

Online Learning

During the blended timetable, where students are learning remotely for 50% of the time, all students are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Act in accordance with the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and use College resources and learning platforms, such as Teams, for educational purposes only.
  • Read and follow the online learning protocols for the use of cameras and microphones in lessons and 1:1 meetings. Protocols can be found here: https://www.stbrn.ac.uk/info/key-updates-2/year-12-(3y1)-updates-for-studen/220920-year-12-protocol-for-live/
  • Treat all students and staff with dignity and respect in the chat forums and ensure language and topics of conversation are appropriate for the College environment and relevant to the subject in question.
  • All online lessons are recorded so students can access them at a later date. As such, no pictures, screenshots or recordings made by students are permitted to be taken or shared. This includes taking screenshots of individual staff, other students, lesson footage, or chat conversations on personal mobile or IT devices.
  • Attend all timetabled lessons as you would in a usual College week. Students can access help on any issues with remote learning by emailing remotehelp@stbrn.ac.uk for technical support. Continued non-attendance to remote lessons because of technical issues without accessing help will not be accepted as a reasonable excuseonal mobile or IT devices.

Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in a student’s access to online lessons and platforms being suspended until a thorough investigation can be carried out. If found to have breached these expectations, students may be subject to sanctions within the Positive Behaviour Management Policy up to and including permanent exclusion.



Behaviour on College Site

We must all work together to keep St. Brendan’s open and the College has put in a number of health and safety measures in order to ensure the safety of both staff and students during COVID-19. Clear guidance and expectations were part of Student Induction and continue to be part of the weekly updates sent to students and parents/carers.

Students must follow all health and safety instructions given by staff and included in signage around the College. We expect that students:

  • Wear a face covering in communal areas and sanitise hands upon entry to any building or classroom. Students exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons should carry their exemption card at all times and produce it as and when requested by staff
  • Keep left when moving around campus
  • Wipe down any equipment, resources and furniture as directed before or after use
  • Sit in their designated place in each class as part of the seating plan for Track and Trace purposes
  • Stay in designated rooms or areas for their year group as directed
  • Socialise in small groups
  • Keep a social distance and avoid physical contact with others, including hugging, fist bumps or handshakes
  • Understand that ‘jokes’ such as pretending to cough on others, making unwanted physical contact, or suggesting that they or another student ‘has COVID-19’ are not acceptable
  • Follow the correct procedure if they become unwell (not related to COVID-19) and need to leave site during the College day: https://www.stbrn.ac.uk/info/reporting-student-absences/leaving-college-during-the-day/
  • Follow the rules of traveling on public transport and visiting food outlets near the College during breaks. This includes rules on wearing face coverings, social distancing and restrictions on numbers allowed to enter a premises at a given time.

Failure or repeated refusal to comply with the above and any additional measures will result in sanctions being enforced. If we feel a student is not safe to be on campus, they may be suspended to allow a full investigation. We will not compromise on the safety of staff or students.