10.09.20 Year 13 Teams & Blended Learning Update

Welcome back to St Brendan's Sixth Form College!

I write to inform you of some key pieces of information you need to know regarding the start of your year. 


As you get used to our blended learning approach we know many of you have some questions about the use of Teams and Microsoft 365. Below are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help you in these early days at college:

I'm a little unsure how to join a meeting and/or what I can do/use within the meeting

Please see attached a word document called 'Student Guidance - Joining a Meeting' which shows you step by step how to join the meeting AND tools you can use when in the meeting.

If, having read the attached, you are still unsure then simply post a question in your teams class page and the answer will be with you either from your teacher or classmates who can support you.

My lessons for the week I am at home are not all on my calendar yet

This is usual, so don't worry. Many of the teachers will add your sessions over the coming days and sometimes the day before your lesson (this is so that they can get resources together also). The key is that there will be a lesson and it will appear in your calendar on Teams.

If, on the day of the lesson, you can not see a lesson for a subject which is on your timetable please just go on to the relevant course page and @yourteacher and ask them your question. They will be able to help you and often your classmates may well have the answer for you also.

My timetable has changed and I have joined a new group, I cannot see the lessons/meeting booking on my calendar

Simply @yourteacher on the Teams page (or email them using College email) and let them know you have joined their class (they are busy people so may not have realised you have been added just yet) and they will add you into the calendar invite.

 I am getting calendar invites for lessons that are not on my timetable.

No worries! This is probably because you are a member of a larger course and/or have moved from another group (even without you knowing). If you get a meeting/lesson invite on your calendar and it is definitely not for a lesson on your timetable simply press 'No' on the RSVP and the meeting will be removed from your calendar.

I don't have access to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc at home

Good news!

As a student here at the College, you have access to Microsoft 365 which includes online versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel and much more. Simply navigate to your email account from the College jump page. Once logged in, rather than clicking on the email icon, simply click on any of Word, Powerpoint etc. The files you make will automatically save so be sure to rename them (at the top of the screen). 

The files will save in your 'One Drive' folder (another option you can click on in Microsoft 365). You can create separate folders in One Drive (much like you would do on a computer hard drive) for each subject so you can file your work away and keep yourself organised.

If you are at all unsure about the use of Microsoft 365 (OneDrive, Word/PPT etc online) or indeed Moodle, accessing files from home etc then please either pop to the LRC and speak with the e-learning team OR visit Moodle where there are plenty of help guides for you via the Student Services tab (drop down and click on either IT Guides for students or Moodle help for students).

I do not have access to IT at home, how will I take part in lessons?

Assuming you have completed the form sent out prior to enrolment we know about you and are fast working on plans to support you with this. If you have not yet notified the College that you have no access to IT at home please let your academic mentor know asap.

Kind regards


Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College