21.09.20 Year 13 Progress Exam Update

Dear Year 13 students

You should now be aware that during W/C 12th October, your teachers will be asking you to take a progress exam. This exam is an assessment of your progress in relation to year one material. I wanted to share with you some key thoughts to help you prepare and understand how we will use the exams as well as an update on teaching arrangements for that week and the following week.

  • The exams will be one hour long (time for access arrangements will be factored in so that you get extra time/laptop if required).
  • The exams will be conducted in the classroom. Usually, if completed in year one, they would have been in the sports hall BUT as we have to run the autumn series of exams for students who finished with us last year, we have had to move into the classrooms. Your mock exams in February are scheduled to be in the sports hall so that you are used to the environment ahead of the summer exams.
  • You should be taking this, and any other assessment, seriously. The reason for this being that the teachers will be using what they find to plan future teaching and learning. By preparing for the exams and giving your best effort we can ensure we put in place the right levels of support both in and outside of the classroom. It will also ensure your teachers focus energy and time on key priorities that emerge from the exams.
  • The pressure is low! I need to be clear with you that whilst we need you to take these exams seriously and do your best, we also know that you will not yet be perfect. This is ok and a normal part of learning. The results will help to guide us on the next steps and inform you of the actions you can be taking here on in, but they are not the be-all and end-all. Remember you are just past midway through your learning... there are lots of lessons and support to come!
  • We have time to address the gaps! We are really conscious that some of you will be feeling anxious about your studies having been out of College since March. These exams provide a good opportunity to reassure you on your progress but also that we can map out how we will use the time remaining (both in class and in your home learning) to get you where you want/need to be.
  • The exams will be in the first lesson of each subject in W/C 12th October. You will then be in College for the rest of the week taking part in lessons as usual. Your teachers cannot handle your papers until Friday at the earliest (owing to COVID restrictions meaning we have to quarantine the papers for 72 hours). They will then be marking the following week and inputting your grade on the mark book on or before Monday 2nd November.
  • W/C 19th October - all lessons are remote. This means there are no live lessons as your teachers are using the time to mark your exams. You will need to sign in to the session and be registered but you will be set work by your teacher to be getting on with throughout the session and to check back in at the end.
  • W/C 2nd November - you will be given feedback by your teachers about your performance in the exams, including what has gone well and what/how to improve.
  • W/C 9th November your KAG reports (which will give you an overall projected grade and your progress exam grade) will be published on Pro-Portal.

 For any subject specific queries, please communicate directly with your teachers.