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22.09.20 Year 13 Protocol for live lessons Update

Protocol for live lessons/small group/1-1 subject support sessions


All students will receive a combination of live and remote sessions delivered by their teacher during their remote learning week. Some students may also be invited to attend small group/1-1 support sessions to offer subject-specific support. These sessions will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and it is important that when you take part in these sessions you follow the ‘Remote learning – code of conduct’ to protect yourself and your Teachers.

Remote 1-1 meetings - code of conduct for students:

  • Please be prompt. If you have not joined the session within the first 5 minutes of the scheduled time, then you will be assumed to be absent. Failing to attend these sessions could result in disciplinary action. You must make the teacher aware if you have arrived late and they will update the register accordingly.

  • It is expected that both you and your teacher will have their cameras turned on during the session. Please ensure that there is nothing unsuitable or inappropriate in the background or use the settings on Microsoft Teams to ‘blur’ your background.

  • Remote learning should not be conducted from your bedroom. A public space within your home should be used.

  • Double-check that any other tabs you have open in your browser would be appropriate for your teacher/classmates to see if you were sharing your screen.

  • When you enter the live session, mute yourself until you are asked to unmute by the teacher.

  • Students must be dressed appropriately – no pyjamas!

  • Do not record, screenshot the session.

  • Do not share any content that may have been recorded or have been sent by another student. Any such actions should be reported to the college as soon as possible.