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3RD APRIL 2020

Dear All,

Ofqual have released some guidance on how grades for A-levels and GCSEs will be awarded following the cancellation of summer exams. Please note, we are awaiting further guidance on Applied courses and will update you as soon as it is received.

Please see the following links which give you important information on how grades will be decided and answers some key questions.

Message for students:

Guidance for students and parents/carers:

Please take the time to read these carefully. An important point to note, is that your teachers (nor any other staff) are NOT permitted or able to discuss your grades with you, so please do not contact them to ask what your grade is.

For 3Y2s, this guidance means that any work you have completed at home will NOT contribute to your final grade. We will continue to set work which will help you prepare for your next steps and keep you developing skills and knowledge. Learning is also good for your wellbeing! We will not, however, be chasing you if you do not complete the work. You are still St. Brendan’s students until the end of the year and we will be communicating with you up to and including August.

A personal plea – please do not reply to this email with individual questions. We will communicate updates via the website and group email.

Thanks and take care,


Head of Student Services