20th April 2020


Dear All

As you know we received guidance from Ofqual on 3rd April 2020 regarding how grades will be calculated.

Our briefing to you on 3rd April provided you with links to the documents written to help you understand how your grades will be calculated and reiterated the guidance that teachers or any other member of the College are not permitted to discuss grades with you.

We know there have been some questions raised over the holidays and we want to answer these as best as we can below:

I am an A2L3/3Y2 student and I study a BTEC/OCR subject, what work should I be doing?

We now know that no work set post lockdown will be used to calculate grades (we only became aware officially of this on the 3rd April although had already begun to make changes to work set just before this).

With this in mind work being set is the same across all A-Level/GCSE/applied subjects and that is to support you with your ongoing learning, to help you practice the skills of the subject and to prepare you for either your next steps or indeed the potential September exams.

Over this week we are looking to simply things further for you with regards suggested learning for you to complete to support this process. Please bear with us whilst we work through the guidance and develop a centralised approach to your future learning activities.

I had to complete an NEA (Non-Examined Assessment) in my A-Level course. How will this be used and are there any updates.

As per the guidelines, your teachers will be taking a holistic approach to the calculation of grades and using all available assessment. Clearly the NEA is part of this, but not all.

A slight change to the process for NEAs was released as part of the guidance on the 3rd April and this was that no reviews of marking or appeals will take place this year. This differs to the guidance we sent prior to this announcement, where we were following policy, so we need to make you aware that the review and appeals process previously communicated no longer applies for this academic year.

Is this different for Creative Arts and/or DT subjects?

There is a slight difference with these subjects yes. Whilst there is still no review of marking or appeal we also need to make you aware that we will not be publishing your NEA marks on to pro-portal as the weighting of your NEA work is significantly higher (40% + of the course).

This decision is in line with the guidance around not communicating marks and grades. Clearly with such a heavy weighting any publication of the marks would indicate a likely mark/grade outcome and we must protect you and our colleagues by ensuring no such communication is made.

We have asked teachers/Directors of Faculty to provide these updates to your Teams pages also but wanted to make sure you did not miss the communication hence emailing it to you.