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27th November 2018

November marked 100 years of women in Parliament; a century which has seen two female Prime Ministers and only 491 female MPs compared to 4503 males.

St Brendan's Politics Students

St Brendan's Politics Students

We caught up with some of our female Politics students to discuss the future for women in Westminster!

“A lot of women are made to feel that they wouldn’t be welcomed in parliament. Still today, it seems to be about your gender and not who you are and what you stand for.” Explained India-Mae, a second year Government and Politics student from Bath. Speaking to the group of five young women, it was evident that they felt there was still a long way to go for women in the field.

All 5 members of the discussion group explained how they were glad they decided to study Government and Politics at St Brendan’s and shared how they once felt like Politics was inaccessible and intimidating but in reality was both interesting and easy to get involved in. “A lot of people have misconceptions of people who study politics. We all have opinions and politics affects everything we do. It’s important everyone, regardless of gender, knows what goes on in the Houses of Parliament” added Lucy Bourton.

When talking about the future for women in parliament, the female students agreed that they would like to see a more diverse range of women in the field. After being asked if they had a female role model within the world of politics there was a long silence; a comment in itself on the current landscape. Thinking hard, one student said she admired Thangam Debbonaire; explaining that she felt she was both relatable and influential. India-Mae shared how she admired Mhairi Black as a woman paving the way for females in politics.

After an interesting and insightful conversation, all women seemingly left feeling both concerned and hopeful as we step into the new century of females in Westminster. With this strong and aspiring group of St Brendan’s Politics students heading off to university next year, we see a very bright future ahead for British Politics!