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30th November 2016

As we all know, St Brendan’s is a hugely diverse and welcoming community for hundreds of students and staff from across the South West. 

Evgeniya Boytsova

Evgeniya Boytsova

This year, we’ve also welcomed 7 International students to the College, who have joined our 3 international second year’s in experiencing our vibrant community and the buzzing city of Bristol. The students have joined St Brendan’s from countries including Russia, Egypt, China and Macau! This week, we caught up with one of our fantastic international students, who secured a scholarship to study at St Brendan’s!

Evgeniya Boytsova was born in Russia, but has lived in Dubai from a very young age; she’s currently in her first year and is studying Biology, Use of Maths, Chemistry and Geography.

“My experience at St Brendan’s  has been incredible so far, the reason I applied in the first place as an international student was to improve my biology and chemistry in hope that I will get the grades I need in order to apply to my chosen university and continue to study medicine. So far there has been nothing that has caused me to regret the path that I have chosen coming here; I’ve improved drastically having only been here for slightly over 3 months. I’ve began to understand things that I haven’t been able to since the beginning of my GCSE’s; which is something I never expected.  I’ve enjoyed my teachers, my lessons and I’ve received a lot of useful advice from the biomed department in the college which has helped immensely. For any students out there who are looking for a change, to improve their education, to get career advice and support allowing you to achieve your dream; this college is definitely worth considering and choosing as your next step. It’s a hard choice at the end of the day, moving away from your family to somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, but you’ll get used to it after a little time. It’s easy to get comfortable with your host family and mines been nothing but great and supportive, my friends are great and  personally I don’t think the education could get any better…just as long as you put the effort in yourself at the end of the day!”