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8th September 2015

The popular, award winning comedienne Josie Long visited St Brendan’s on Friday to give a talk to students on the value of studying an arts/humanities degree; life at Oxford University and the financial aspects of going to University.  

Josie at St Brendan's

Josie at St Brendan's

As well as being one of the writers on Skins and being a frequent guest on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Josie is also co-founder of the 'Arts Emergency Service', which is an organisation working to keep subjects in the Arts and Humanities sector accessible to everyone who wants to study them, regardless of the perceived barriers. The 'Arts Emergency Service' believes an arts degree is not a financial-based luxury and the decision to study for any degree should be based on talent and passion rather than a financial trade-off between debt and future earnings.

Students at the talk stayed behind to ask Josie interesting questions about her experiences at Oxford University, as well as life as a Comedian.