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27th November 2018

Last week, students interested in the BioMed field were lucky enough to be visited by Dr Linsey Sinclair from Bristol University.

Lindsey talks to students

Lindsey talks to students

Lindsey is a clinical lecturer in general adult psychiatry at the Russell Group university and took students through her career journey; from growing up in an ex-mining town in the north of England to her current role here in Bristol. Lindsey explained how her main interest was in scientific research and she now has a medical degree, degree in Molecular Medicine and a PhD. The very inspirational guest was open about the times she experienced failure and encouraged students to Google ‘CV of failures’ – which reveals examples where very successful people have suffered many setbacks; highlighting that hard work and determination will always triumph in the end.

Lindsey spoke to students about her current day job which is partly speaking to people about their mental health, and partly lab-based research into the factors that lead to the development of Alzheimer’s. Her main message was that healthy living really is the way to maintain mental health, even though it can often be a challenge. We should eat well, sleep well, exercise and manage our stress with calming activities.

Lindsey recommended the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Psychiatry (AWP) Summer School for students that are particularly interested. Details of which are not yet available for 2019, but the deadline for applications will be May 2019.