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30th April 2015

Students and staff at St Brendan’s had an inspirational guest visit last week as Queen lead guitarist and political campaigner Dr Brian May dropped in to discuss the Common Decency Movement. 

Dr Brian May delivering his speech

Dr Brian May delivering his speech

In true St Brendan’s style, Brian was welcomed to the campus by a sea of students and teachers filling the Theatre; all eager to hear what he had to say.

In a passionate talk on his Common Decency campaign, May explained his thinking behind the term ‘Colour Blind Politics’. He encouraged his listeners to think about what individual candidates within their constituency can do for them, as opposed to voting based purely on which political party they belong to.

Students and staff then had the opportunity to ask questions; many offering interesting ideas and comments on the campaign. Before shooting off to a TV interview Brian left time to pose for photos with his enthusiastic audience!