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19th October 2015

“On our trip to The University of Bristol Chemistry Department, not only did we gain an insight as to what life can be like as a student studying Chemistry, we also got a chance to look at some of the equipment that is used on a daily basis. 

The students in a Chemistry Lab

The students in a Chemistry Lab

The main focus on the trip was to see the machinery used to identify structures of unknown molecules, such as NMR machines and mass spectrometers. This involved an in depth explanation as to what was happening in each machine and how the structure was then identified. The day ended with a personal favourite - the electron microscope. Being able to zoom in on a substance to see details as thin as 10 atoms shows the power of this technology, and the exciting potential that it holds. Combining all these techniques can identify any known molecule in the entire world, and to have been given a chance to see this work in action resulted in a very memorable trip.”

Article by Harry Roddick and Brandon Jones