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20th April 2016

15 AGP students from St Brendan’s ventured across the Severn Bridge to Swansea, for a conference dedicated to studying at Oxbridge.  

Students at the Oxbridge confrence

Students at the Oxbridge confrence

The students joined fascinating lectures on the benefits of studying at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge universities, with talks from current students as well as academics from both institutions.

The range of subjects on offer opened the group’s minds to the amazing opportunities ahead of them: everything from Medicine to Material Sciences, Asian studies to Architecture. The only problem of the day was how to choose which subject lectures to attend and when to fit in eating lunch! The students were given a poetry master class from Oxford and Cambridge English tutors, in which St Brendan’s students were thrilled to take the microphone and voice their opinions articulately. Students were also taught about the intricacies of Tort Law from a highly amusing and informative Law team from Oxford and Cambridge.

All students came away from the day with an enthusiastic sense of ‘can do’ about applying and with a renewed idea of the fun and challenge that such an application process demands.