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19th February 2016

Last week, two lucky Public Services students were whisked off to South Wales in a police car as they took part in Police training!

Police Car

Police Car

Students Charlotte Stenner and Sophie Gale had an amazing opportunity to be a part of a range of high-speed scenarios. Charlotte told us about her experience

“On Thursday 28th January, I went on an amazing experience with Sophie as we went to Avon and Somerset Police Headquarters. We were invited to assist in the training for the Firearms Officers; this involved us acting as criminals who were trying to help get a member of a gang out of an escort on its way to prison.

One member of our small team went with the officers in the escort, which was soon to be ambushed, whilst the other went with an instructor and played the part of a criminal. It was great driving at really high speeds of up to 130 mph - a real adrenalin rush! During numerous run through’s, different scenarios challenged the police officers, such as an IED (improvised exploding device) on the van and one which involved ‘gang’ members driving straight into the police car head-on! I even had the chance to shoot some blank rounds at the firearms officers.

The officers training and the instructors were very kind to us and allowed us to get involved with everything. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity; it was unforgettable!”