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14th June 2019

It was both an emotional and enjoyable last day of term at the end of May for many, as we said goodbye to our second year students.

The sun was shining, the music was loud and laughter was echoing around the grounds meaning only one thing…Leavers’ Fest was in full swing.

The day began with the annual awards ceremony, in which is huge range of teachers, tutors and support staff took to the stage to congratulate and award students on their achievements throughout their two or three years at College. Many stories were shared of great resilience, determination and success as students collected their awards to huge rounds of applause.

When the final certificate was collected, the clapping quickly turned to dancing, with ex-student Zidanne Kamtcheu taking over the stage and entertaining students with a well-received playlist. Meanwhile, students also enjoyed the variety of food stalls, colour run, henna and a chance to throw wet sponges at Principal Michael Jaffrain!