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17th July 2015

Students from St Brendan’s Sixth Form College joined nearly 142,000 others from across the world last week in receiving their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme exam results.

Student Luisa Porteous-Reininho

Student Luisa Porteous-Reininho

All of our students achieved at least 24 points; the minimum amount needed to achieve the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

This year’s top performing student from the incredibly gifted group was Luisa Porteous-Reininho, who achieved an impressive 41 out of the possible 45 points in her exams. This is even more impressive against the fact that the average point score across all students around the world is 29.88 this year. The talented 18 year-old has an exciting future ahead of her, as she leaves St Brendan’s to go on to study English Literature and German at The University of Manchester.  

Luisa is 1 of the 12 students who studied the challenging course throughout her 2 years at St Brendan’s. All of the class members are now moving on to embark upon interesting and varied careers. With members of the group choosing to read a wide range of subjects at University next year, from Liberal Arts and Japanese, to Criminology and Psychology, the future is an exciting prospect for all 12 of the St Brendan’s IB graduates.

This is the fourth cohort of students to complete the IB Diploma at St Brendan’s, which is designed to give a broad, international education and is highly regarded by Universities across the UK and the world. It has a unique focus on creativity, action and service, so that students undertake a wide range of voluntary activities that help them to get a rounded education with an additional international perspective. Success in the IB often results in advanced standing with University applications, scholarships and other admission related benefits at some of the world’s best Higher Education institutions.  

Pippa Coles, International Baccalaureate Course Co-Ordinator at St Brendan’s said: “I am delighted that for the fourth year running we have achieved such great success. Our IB students are a credit to St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, we wish them all the best for the future and look forward to welcoming them back as alumni and sharing in their progress and achievements!”