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16th July 2015

Last week St Brendan’s played host to another wonderful day of sunshine and community as the Aquinas School Sports Day began, with over 180 Year 5 children from local Catholic primary schools visiting St Brendan’s for a sports-filled day. 

Sports Day in the sunshine

Sports Day in the sunshine

After the sun cream was applied and the hats fastened, the children took part in a day full of competition and team spirit. From cricket and rugby, to assault courses and running, the grounds were full of children cheering on their peers. After a morning of trying their very best, the children (and teachers) enjoyed visiting the pop up smoothie bar – open for one day only just for them in our new Glasshouse Cafe - a vast selection of colourful fruits made the worn out children excited for a much-needed treat! A BIG well done to all students who took part in the day and thank you to all who helped make the event so enjoyable!