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17th December 2018

Access to Level 3 English students were lucky enough to hear from guest speaker Genevieve Liveley this week; a Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Bristol.

Genevieve working with students

Genevieve working with students

Genevieve has a particular interest in storytelling and ancient narratives, she is a Narratologist and proud member of the University of Bristol’s Classics Hub; designed to support the development of classical subjects in schools across the South West.

Genevieve was kind enough to visit St Brendan’s to talk to GCSE English students, who will be taking their exam in the summer before joining the Level 3 programme next academic year. The interesting guest spoke to students about storytelling and introduced them to Aristotle’s 7 elements of good storytelling and allowed them to work interactively in groups to understand the structure of a good narrative.