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2nd February 2017

Six lucky students are looking forward to hitting the January sales this week, after recently being awarded by the College for their exemplary attendance records. 

Charlie Dixon accepts his award

Charlie Dixon accepts his award

Grace Towler, Josh Wheatley, Atalia Alexis, Lauren Sinclair, Nathalie Hope and Megan Conway all received £25 Cabot Circus vouchers for their attendance being over 95% this year. Charlie Dixon has a £50 voucher to spend, after achieving an impressive 100% attendance record! St Brendan’s recognises the strong link between attendance and successful learning and each term students with attendance over 95% are entered into a prize draw and 7 names are picked at random. The awards were presented by Assistant Principal Phil Berry, who congratulated the students, who he proudly called “assets to St Brendan’s”. Congratulations to the 7 winners – we hope to see more students in the next draw!