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7th December 2018

It’s a topic that everyone across the UK is talking about, but how much do we really know about Brexit?

The community talks Brexit

The community talks Brexit

St Brendan’s recently teamed up with The EU Citizens’ Rights Information Service, to provide members of its local area with more information on how Brexit will impact on those from other EU countries.

The information session is just one example of many meetings taking place across the country. Organised by The European Commission, a free lawyer is provided to offer advice and guidance to EU Citizens within communities across the UK. St Brendan’s was thrilled to host the event and welcome members of its surrounding communities into the College for the evening.

Delivered by Barbara Likulunga, Solicitor for Avon and Bristol Law Centre, the revealing presentation detailed information on the Referendum, EU Law, the transition period and Brexit’s impact upon family members and pensions. Barbara also explained how EU Citizens can register for Settled and Pre-Settled Status.

The event was well-attended by the community, as well as by students and staff of St Brendan’s. As the city’s largest Sixth Form College, St Brendan’s is hugely diverse and has a higher than average percentage of EU staff and students, all who will be affected by Brexit. The audience was made up of German, Lithuanian, Polish, Italian and Serbian people, many of whom had questions surrounding application for Settled Status.

If you would like more information on Brexit and your rights as an EU citizen, there are further events happening across the country. For more information visit EURIGHTS.UK.