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18th January 2019

The College’s CAFOD group had an informative and inspirational day this week, as they hosted a Young Leaders training day.

CAFOD students hand over the cheque

CAFOD students hand over the cheque

St Brendan’s students welcomed their CAFOD peers from St Augustine’s school in Trowbridge and together they developed their knowledge of CAFOD’s work in overseas development and swapped ideas for raising awareness and funds.

In addition to their discussions and planning, the group also split into teams and took part in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style activity, which saw four teams prepare a sales pitch for their particular area of international aid, with the winning bid receiving the (imaginary) funding. With CAFOD having to turn down one in three requests for help due to the lack of funding, the task provided fantastic insight into the difficult decisions charities have to make on a regular basis. The task also gave the students an opportunity to plan and deliver their presentation in front of an audience; a very valuable life skill.

The training day also provided the perfect opportunity for St Brendan’s students to hand over a cheque for £122, which was raised through a cake sale held in December!