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7th December 2018

The whole College community came together this week to celebrate and reflect for Advent, during an empowering assembly which centred around the challenges and fears that faced Mary as she made her journey.

Candles are lit

Candles are lit

The assembly was opened by Father Richard MacKay, Parish Priest of St Nicholas of Tolentino RC Church, who reflected on the meaning of Advent as a ‘preparation for His coming’. Father Richard explained how Advent calls us to wakeup and challenged his listeners to look beyond their immediate wants and desires; to help build a better world for humanity – a world worth living in. He then went on to light two candles, one for hope and one for freedom. Father Richard finished by warmly wishing the College community a courageous Advent and loving Christmas.

Following Father Richards inspirational message, members of the Performing Arts Academy took to the stage to perform an extract from their musical Grease. Accompanied by piano, played by music teacher Mercedes, the group performed the catchy number ‘We Go Together’.

It was then over to teachers Jennine Oldis, John Lux and Felicity Wills to close the Advent assembly. The trio shared Pope Francis’ 2018 message to young people. In his message, Pope Francis reflects on the journey of Mary, the young woman of Nazareth whom God chose as the Mother of his Son. He shares how God spoke to Mary and told her not to be afraid. In their recital, the three teachers asked their young audience what their fears are, what worries them deeply? The trio explained how Pope Francis encourages young people to face their fears, to not be afraid, just as Mary was told by God. Ending on a powerful message, the audience was told “To the young Mary was entrusted an important task, precisely because she was young. You young people have strength as you go through a phase of your lives where energy is not lacking. Make use of this strength and this energy to improve the world, beginning with the realities closest to you”

The inspired audience left this year’s Advent feeling empowered to face their fears and positive about the year ahead of them.