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10th May 2019

For many, the word ‘light’ is quite a simple one; a 5-letter word with a predictable and basic meaning.

Winner Josie Morgan

Winner Josie Morgan

Thanks to the annual St Brendan’s Creative Writing Prize however, the word ‘light’ resulted in a collection of almost 30 beautifully imaginative and compelling poems and short stories. 

This year, the students from across the College were encouraged to take part in the annual competition. Challenged to write a poem or short 500 word story around the theme of light, a mixture of talented first and second year students submitted a collection of masterpieces.

This week, the competition winners were revealed, with the three runners up all receiving a £25 voucher. Whilst second year runner up Assia Janjua submitted a poem entitled ‘Window’, peer Taliesin Ladd submitted a poem inspired by his Grandfather called ‘You Live in Light’. Meanwhile, Aligail Blackwell stunned judges with her story ‘Familiar Stranger’; inspired by her relationship with her Dad – who served in the British Army and was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq whilst she was a child.

Special congratulations and the £100 prize went to winner Josie Morgan, a first year student who received high praise from all 5 judges for her entry. Josie’s short story entitled ‘From the Loft Hatch’ set out to play with the reader’s assumptions and invert them. A keen English student, Josie already knows that she would like to go on to study English Literature at the University of York after completing her St Brendan’s studies next year.

All entries into the competition will be published in the College’s annual anthology and will be up on our website soon!