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20th May 2021

The walls and corridors of St Brendan’s Sixth Form College are currently lined with an array of fantastic artwork.

The Year 13 Creative Arts students are sharing their final A-level pieces in an exhibition which they have aptly named Breakout.

COVID restrictions mean that sadly this exhibition cannot be opened to the public. However, staff and students at the college are enjoying the opportunity to view their creations and many have commented on how impressed they are with the quality of the pieces on show, and how they can’t believe that this calibre of work can be produced by such young artists.

Jo Woodbridge, who teaches on the A-level Textiles and A-level Graphic Communication courses, agrees and says that this year’s show is one of the strongest she has ever seen. She also has a theory as to why:

‘This talented group of students has had a tough time throughout their two year courses. They have faced challenges like no other A-level students have ever had to face, and have all had to be incredibility resilient. Lockdown has undoubtedly been tough for these students, however, it has also helped to fuel their creativity. They have not faced many of the distractions that previous year groups have and so have been able to immerse themselves more in their artwork – and the result is this amazing exhibition. We are incredibly proud of them all.’

One young artist whose work is attracting a lot of attention is Art, Craft & Design and Textiles student Alexandra. She is pictured above with her installation titled: Inhabitants of Europa.

‘Inhabitants of Europa is a fantasy based installation which depicts the extra-terrestrial beings that I like to imagine live on Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons). The characters are examples of soft sculpture composed of felt and hand knitted fabric.’

Alexandra will be progressing on to a Fine Art degree at Kingston University in September.

In the carousel below we show some of the other exhibition winning pieces from the four creative arts A-levels run at St Brendan’s: Art, Craft & Design; Photography; Graphic Communication and Textiles.