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14th December 2022

We were delighted to welcome Emily Joy Rich to St Brendan’s last week. Emily is a local freelance lettering artist who visited to share her techniques and skills with our students.

Our Graphics students had the  chance to ask Emily questions to gain knowledge relevant for their Graphic Communication A-level and attended 3 extremely interactive workshops. However, it didn’t stop there! Emily and our Fine Art and Music students took over a wall in the Music department to design a hand-painted mural. The students spent the day drawing and painting the wall whilst working in collaboration with Emily herself to help fuel their creativity and to show off what they had learnt from her workshops!

Emily started her creative journey by working in graphic design, which was a great step into the design industry. Working in graphic design unleashed Emily’s real passion - type and design. Her work includes typography and calligraphy within illustrations and murals. Emily has an amazing talent of turning simple letters into art and wants to influence her audience to read and understand words based on their design.

Graphic Communication - Hand Lettering Workshop

Our Graphic Communication students took part in hand lettering workshops run by Emily.  They used their creativity and skills to showcase our college values using three different letterings and they have gained course relevant knowledge about serifs, shadows and 3D. This was a great opportunity for our students to get firsthand experience upskilling their talents with the help of a local artist who focuses solely on type and design.

Music and Fine Art - Music Department Mural

To get our Music students in the groove, Emily and our Fine Arts Students took over a wall in the Music department!

Emily began the project by communicating with the Music students to get an idea of what they’d like to see before entering class each day. The students came up with the design and chose what colours and theme the mural should be. Once the design had been created, the Fine Art students partnered up with Emily and got painting! The students worked alongside Emily to bring the design to life and they completed the project in just one day - impressive stuff!

We’d like to thank Emily for her time and effort, the visit was inspirational and has given our students a great sense of achievement and generated much creative buzz! Thanks to Emily, our students and staff have found that creativity is in fact contagious, and will be passing it on for sure!