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30th March 2016

A2 Drama students recently enjoyed watching an interesting take on Hamlet, as they travelled to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

The RSCs Hamlet

The RSCs Hamlet

The trip was designed to expand the students’ knowledge and was great preparation for their written exam, in which they must address the comparisons between original productions and modern adaptations. The group chose to watch their piece of Shakespeare performed by the RSC, due to the creative theatre company’s reputation for making brave interpretations for modern audiences. This year's performance was no exception; the RSC’s Hamlet is set in a West African royal family and explores the themes of madness, revenge and betrayal through avant-garde art and tribal drumming amongst many other things!

The group of students were lucky enough to meet with the director of the production, who has previously worked with St Brendan’s students on their production of “Hospital Food” and is a personal mentor on the College’s Career Academy Programme. Anna provided students with a personalised talk about the production and gave some insightful information about the intentions for the piece. Movement Director Mbulelo Nbadeni also spoke to the students about the show and career paths into the industry.