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22nd January 2015

St Brendan's Sixth Form College Support for the Campaign to Drop the Learning Tax

No young person should be disadvantaged because of the type of institution in which they choose to study.  As it stands, colleges have to spend significant sums of money on VAT, when schools and academies are exempt.  For a Sixth Form College like St Brendan's this means paying close to £250k back to the government rather than investing in the education of students.

Introducing a VAT refund scheme for Sixth Form Colleges would help to ensure that students in the sector receive the same level of investment in their education as students in school or academy sixth forms.

Sixth Form Colleges also have to pay 20% VAT on capital expenditure. This means that our typical annual investment of around £150,000 in I.T. costs £25,000 more than would be the case in a similar school or academy.

At times of austerity in public sector funding, the pinch of the cost of VAT is keenly felt.

The Sixth Form Colleges Association has launched a national campaign to remove the imposition of VAT and an online petition can be found on 

I hope that parents, students, supporters of St Brendan's SFC and their families and friends will support this campaign which could make a huge difference to students in the county.

Michael Jaffrain

St Brendan's support this campaign

St Brendan's support this campaign