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8th October 2015

It has been an exciting few weeks for the Environmental Studies students, as they have been getting up close to nature! 

Environmental Studies students with hedghog

Environmental Studies students with hedghog

Despite the appalling weather, the AS level group went out and surveyed the College grounds for invertebrates and worms early last week – finding some very large lob worms, one over 15cms long!  Setting up some successful pit fall traps, they also found over 15 beetles hiding from the rain including a large Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle.

After the muddy terrain, it was off to Bristol Zoo where the class got to see slightly more exotic animals that wouldn’t be found on the College grounds. Students enjoyed smoothing the very cute Lesser Hedghog; native to Madagascar. The informative interactive session led to a discussion about white tigers, and the problems of genetic recessive genes were debated whilst handling an albino corn snake!