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10th November 2015

With the future of energy currently a hot topic in the UK, 14 students studying Environmental Studies had a timely visit to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station. 

Students at Hinkley

Students at Hinkley

This power station is responsible for 3% of all the UK’s electricity and is a very important national site.

After passing through many security checks, the students got a tour of the Hinkley B Nuclear station. Looking through a window, the students got a really good view of the reactor and the interactive displays showed how each stage of the process occurs and the safety measures that the workers have to follow. 

On the way out they passed the building of Hinkley Point A which stopped generating in 2000, they learnt how the building will have to stand for another 100 years before being pulled down. Before heading back to College, the students got a view of a future site being prepared for Hinkley; C station, which is still awaiting the final go ahead. Seeing the two side by side really put into perspective the time and investment that nuclear power requires.