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19th November 2014

Environmental Studies students have been using the recent warm weather to find out about the wider environment.

Students at Hinkley

Students at Hinkley

AS students have been out and about investigating the College grounds looking at the wildlife that exists in them, using techniques learnt in the classroom. They have also been to Bristol Zoo where they were taken on a walking tour to find out about the role of the Zoo in worldwide conservation. Meanwhile A2 students had a different view of the environment with a tour of the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.

This provides 2% of all the UK’s energy supply so is an important site. Once past the very tight security they were very lucky to have a former controller of the site to show them around. They got up very close to the reactors just a very thick pain of glass between them, and a walk through the turbine hall provided a noisy backdrop. They were shown the tight safety measures in place to protect both workers, visitors and the surrounding areas, and even got the chance to discuss the values of nuclear power with the former controller - unsurprisingly he was very positive!