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18th January 2019

Female STEM students from across the College had the opportunity to hear from two very inspirational guests this week.

Angela and Mariana

Angela and Mariana

Angela Effinger and Mariana Coreeia visited St Brendan’s to talk about their work on the PEARRL project and shared their journey into the world of medical research and drug development.

The two speakers, both currently completing their PhD at the University of Bath, spoke to students about their educational experiences in their own countries (Germany and Portugal) and how they came to the UK to study within the STEM world. The pair inspired their listeners by talking about their work in community pharmacies and their interest in drug development. Now a part of the European Training Network, a programme designed to support joint research training and doctoral programmes, Angela and Mariana are two of the 15 Researchers from across Europe working on PEARRL.

PEARRL is a research programme designed to improve efficiency and cost-competitiveness in drug development. Angela and Mariana explained how they are currently working to formulate better drugs which are more effective, whilst streamlining the development process. Together with pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies, their group is gaining extensive experience within development, preclinical research and formulation.

The talk provided fantastic insight into the world of pharmaceuticals and many members of the female audience left feeling empowered to pursue a career within the field and research opportunities with the European Training Network.