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14th June 2019

Recent figures from the SFCA reveal that students who attend St Brendan’s Sixth Form College go on to out-perform all others at university.

Described as a ‘Stepping Stone to Success’, a recent report from the Sixth Form College Association highlights the fantastic work the College does to ensure its students are well-prepared for university learning and life after A-levels.

The majority of St Brendan’s 1700 students spend two years at the Brislington-based campus, studying A-level and/or BTEC courses before pursuing careers, securing apprenticeships or heading off to universities across the country. Dedicated to developing their students into independent learners who are both university and career-ready, this week independent figures show the work is paying off. St Brendan’s has been officially recognised for its hard work and commitment, with its students out-performing those at university from other Sixth Form Colleges, as well as students joining from state and independent sector schools with sixth forms.

Of those students who graduated in the UK last year, an impressive 30% of those from St Brendan’s achieved a First Class Honours; compared to 29% of students who studied A-levels at an independent school and 28% of students who joined university from a state sector school with a sixth form.

The in-depth study also analysed the graduation results from Russell Group Universities, where once again the local Sixth Form College came out top. Of those St Brendan’s students who studied at one of the UK’s top 24 universities, 43% of them secured a sought-after First last year, compared to 31% of graduates from the independent sector and 33% from other Sixth Form Colleges and state sector schools with a sixth form.

As well as analysing final degree outcomes, the informative report also looked into continuation rates; where once again St Brendan’s students outperform all others. After their first academic year at university, 94% of St Brendan’s students progressed into their second year of study, whereas 89% of students from other Sixth Form Colleges stayed on to study and 88% from sixth forms at state sector schools.

The College, well-known for its inclusivity and diversity, is also successful in preparing its students from areas with low HE participation rates; with 81% of them securing a first class or upper second class honours, compared to 74% of those from state sector school sixth forms.

Principal Michael Jaffrain commented, “I am incredibly proud of the way in which we prepare our students for life after College and it is fantastic to see that our students out-perform those across all other sectors at university. I am lucky to have a driven and motivated team of specialist teachers, mentors and support staff around me; all working to ensure they help each and every student on their journey to adulthood. As an inclusive community for all, I am thrilled that we have been acknowledged for our work and that we are able to continue helping students across the region on their journey to success, by offering outstanding state education.”


SOURCE: Sixth Form Colleges Association (2019) Degree Classification obtained by students at UK universities in the 2017/18 academic year