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7th May 2019

Bright lights, loud music, a packed out venue and people there to see you play – the perfect evening for any musician. Last week, our Music Performing students enjoyed just that, during their final gig of the year.

Friends, family, students and locals filled out one of Bristol’s top music venues, The Fleece, recently, to see St Brendan’s musicians take to the stage – and they didn’t fail to deliver. Throughout the night, four different bands entertained the crowds with a diverse range of musical genres. The talented bands – The Kiwis, Captivate, WEDL and The Nordics, all shone even brighter under the lights and performed a long list of songs to be proud of; from country classics through to rock covers and original tracks.

As the second year performers come to the end of their time at St Brendan’s, we look forward to following their journey after College and hope to see many of them on another, even bigger stage in the future!